Braces for Adults and Children

Invisaligns in a container

Wearing braces aims to improve the look, placement and function of teeth that are badly positioned. Braces use constant gentle pressure to move teeth, over time, to a more aesthetically pleasing position. They work throughout the day, or in the case of removable braces, whilst the patient is wearing them. Traditional braces consist of brackets secured to the teeth and arch wires connecting them together. Brackets for these braces are made of either metal or ceramic, which is smoothed to reduce rubbing in the mouth. The arch wires are strong wires with an arch shape. The wire naturally wants to return to its natural arch, this is what gradually moves teeth to a good shape. In Leybourne, braces are most commonly worn by adults and teenagers, however, children may also need braces. It is recommended that children have their first examination at age seven.

Are teeth weakened by braces?

No. When gentle forces are applied to teeth, the side of the tooth that is receiving pressure, bone begins to be reabsorbed at the root. On the other side of the tooth, the side not receiving pressure, new bone forms to accommodate the newly found space. This whole process happens naturally at any age. There is no damage to the teeth or roots of the teeth when braces are used. For many dental practitioners in and around Leybourne, braces are commonplace for their patients. It is possible to get braces from many dentists such as One Smile Oral Care in Leybourne

Types of Braces

Traditional metal braces in Leybourne are popular with children and teenagers. There is no risk of non-compliance with these braces as they are fixed to the teeth. For adults on the other hand, clear or ceramic braces are popular. With braces such as Invisalign aligners, a clear plastic type of removable brace, patients find that many people never know they are wearing braces.

Do children need braces?

To make sure children have straight teeth, well aligned jaws, a good looking profile and a beaming smile, it is important that a dentist monitors the development of their children’s teeth, gums and jawbones. The earlier children are monitored, the easier it is to identify and solve potential problems.