Aligning the Teeth

A young woman at the dentist

Teeth will function more efficiently if they are in their optimum positions. And oral health and hygiene are easier to maintain with neater teeth. But many people have teeth that don’t point in the best direction. The area of dentistry that straightens them out is known as orthodontics. At dental practices in Hertfordshire, like Smilecraft in Stevenage, orthodontics are an effective long-term solution to the problems caused by badly-aligned teeth. Dental crowding, bite correction, and prominent teeth will all benefit from this treatment.

Appliances and Appearances

The correction of crooked teeth is a lot faster and more comfortable today than it used to be in the past. The old eye-catching metal train track braces are no longer the only option for people who want to improve their dental alignment. There is a range of discreet appliances, which can be tooth-coloured, clear, or nearly invisible. In some cases, the appliance worn by the patient is removable when they eat or brush their teeth. For adults wondering about orthodontics in Stevenage, these treatment options greatly reduce the potential embarrassment that can deter people from having their teeth straightened. At social occasions or business meetings, modern orthodontics are discreet and comfortable.

Clean Bites

Straighter teeth enhance oral health as well as dental appearance. Because they are easier to keep clean than crooked teeth, the risk of bad breath, tooth decay, and gum disease is reduced. Neater teeth are also less likely to become damaged. And properly-aligned teeth put less strain on the jaw when biting or chewing, meaning that the mouth functions more efficiently.

Long-Term Investments

Time is needed for the teeth to be repositioned through the gentle pressure provided by orthodontics. But nowadays, each course of treatment is tailored to the individual patient. The dentist produces a detailed treatment plan after a thorough consultation, and regular check-ups mean that progress is carefully monitored, with adjustments being introduced where necessary. Overall, a course of orthodontics in Stevenage could last between six months to a year or more. But the patient will enjoy the benefits of straighter teeth for much longer, with a tidy smile and enhanced oral health.