4 Tips to Have a Sensitive Memorial Service

A lady holding a rose in front of a coffin

One of the best ways a family can deal with their grief is a memorial service. People usually do this after a funeral as a celebration of the life of the person who passed away. In organizing a memorial service, it is important for the whole event to be sensitive as everyone’s feelings are still tender from grief.

These are four tips that will give you an idea of how best to organize a memorial service that is sensitive to everyone’s feelings.

Book a funeral home for the service

Since the attendants of funeral homes have vast experience with funerals, they already expect the things that may happen. Because of this, the memorial service will be more organized and sensitive to those who are still grieving for the death of their loved one.

The funeral home’s attendants will be able to assist the whole family so that the service will be a good celebration of their deceased loved one’s life. Contact a funeral home in Clearfield such as Aaron’s Mortuary & Crematory to have a sensitive memorial service.

Provide a mix of religion, spirituality and life celebration

Not everyone shares the same belief. To be sensitive to those who are from other faiths or atheists, it may be best if the memorial is a combination of a life celebration and a spiritual journey.

Publish an obituary days before

To disseminate the information about the memorial to the biggest number of people, it may be best if an obituary undergoes publication a few days earlier.

Celebrate the favorite things of the deceased person

If the deceased person were a fan of music, it would great if the memorial service also becomes a celebration of music.

There is no cookie-cutter approach to organizing a great memorial service. But it is important for whoever is assigned to do the memorial service to be as sensitive to the feelings of everyone who will be attending.