4 Tips for Starting a Sandwich Business Without a Franchise

female owner of a sandwich store in her kitchen

Starting a sandwich business may seem tough, but only if you think you have to begin with a setup akin to Subway. That doesn’t always have to be the case if you’ll follow some of the tips below.

Start With Your Favorites

Transworld franchise experts would tell you that getting a franchise is the easiest route in terms of perfecting mixes and flavors of the sandwich. However, a franchise also means a large outlay of cash. Thus, it’s usually best to start by experimenting with your own flavors. Start with your favorite sandwiches, creating various sauces or even just choosing sauces off the shelf and getting creative with it.

Focus on Small Companies

Setting up a stall – even how small – can be expensive rent-wise. Instead, you can take orders from small companies, setting yourself up as the sandwich-supplier during lunchtime or in their cafeteria. You can create a checklist that employees can fill in, allowing clients to customize their sandwiches for that unique feel.

Limit The Sandwich Types

This might seem counterproductive, but limiting the types of sandwich you offer can help increase sales. For example, you can limit the types to chicken, beef, and lamb. The only variations would be on the sauce itself, thereby multiplying the options without demanding too much capital on your part. You can add more sandwiches as the demand increases.

Focus On Pre-Orders

When starting, it’s often better to have your sandwiches available on a pre-order basis. For example, set up an online pre-order system for certain companies so that you can deliver the sandwiches come lunch time. Why is this better? This will help prevent wastage in your stocks. Remember – sandwiches are best eaten when the bread is fresh. By maintaining a pre-order system, you’ll be able to control stocks.

Of course, those are just some of the things you should know if you plan to start a sandwich business. Feel free to try out the tips above and experiment on some of your own.