4 Gardening Tips to Keep Your Lawn Healthy and Weed-Free

It takes a lot of care and effort to maintain a healthy lawn, especially during the dry days of summer. Here are a few guidelines on how to protect your grass.

Keep the weeds out of your lawn.

Don’t let weeds take over your garden. Weed off your lawn on a regular basis to ensure that your plants and grass receive the nutrients they need to stay healthy. You may opt for a comprehensive lawn weed control service in Salt Lake City to completely block off their chance of growth.

Maintain the right height when mowing.

Depending on the grass you have, the recommended height is usually around one to three inches long. This is recommended so that it’ll get enough sunlight to grow healthy. During summer, you may cut the grass a little longer, around 3.5 inches, to retain its moisture and prevent it from withering. For this one, be sure to check the required height for each grass type to ensure they’ll grow perfectly.

Feed and fertilize your lawn.

With a typical lawn, fertilization and aeration must be done at least once or twice a year. This, however, changes depending on the climate of your place as well as the type of grass you have. If the weather is hot and dry, chances are it may require more water as well as fertilizer.

Mulch your lawn routinely.

Grass mulching is an important step to make sure your lawn will get the nutrients it needs. The grass clippings you apply on the surface serves as the food as well as protection to your soil from extremely hot and cold weather. It also regulates the moisture beneath your soil and helps aerate the lawn.

Give the love and care your lawn needs when you follow these steps. By doing so, you are sure to enjoy a best-looking lawn all-year round.