3 Simple Tips For a Speedy Recovery After a Dental Implant

a man having a toothache

Besides restoring your normal chewing and speaking capabilities dental implants also resolve joint pains and biting problems. If you’re thinking of undergoing a dental surgery, Mahoney Family Dentistry offers professional dental implant. With years of experience serving residents in South Bend, they’ll do a wonderful job before and during the procedure. But how quickly you heal in the coming weeks is entirely up to you. Here are a few tips to make the healing period shorter.

Pay attention to what you eat

You already know the important role that diet plays in oral health, whether one has dental implants or not. Be sure to consume a healthy diet with foods that have healing nutrients. The idea is to boost your immune system and prevent an infection on the surgery site. Broccoli is recommended because it’s rich in calcium. Stick to soft foods in the first few weeks after surgery to save wear and tear on your implants.

Quit smoking and drinking

Smoking is highly dangerous to your overall health as it boosts your chances of getting various types of cancers. Smoking can significantly slow down the healing process as it limits the amount of oxygen you are taking in. You also let foreign substance pass through your wound which may cause infection. Alcohol also damages the healing tissue, prolonging the time it needs to heal.

Take the time to rest

There’s certainly something to be said about leading an active lifestyle, but the days following your dental implant surgery are not the time for vigorous exercise. Taking lots of rest is arguably the best way to speed up your healing. Take this time as a mini-vacation and sleep a lot if you feel like. Consider skipping the gym entirely during this time.

Dental implants are the perfect solution for millions of people with missing teeth around the world. Once you’ve gotten yours, you can ensure you heal completely within a short time by eating smart, avoiding tobacco and alcohol, and resting enough.