3 Reasons Why People Leave Your Website

Businessman stressed out while updating company websiteSo you have a website. Now you’re wondering why people are not visiting it. Or worse, people are visiting it but leaving after 10 seconds or even less. What could be so wrong that people are not spending time on your website to check out your products and services? Here are 3 possible reasons why people leave your website as soon as they land on it.

1. The design and copy suck.

It’s easy to tell the websites made by professionals and amateurs. Unless you have extensive professional experience in both copywriting and web design, it’s best to leave it to the professionals. Remember, your website is the online extension of your physical office/store and an important representation of your business. Consider hiring a web design agency in Melbourne to do or fix it for you if you don’t want to be a laughing stock of your customers, employees, competitors, and even the industry.

2. Too much information but no clear CTA.

CTA stands for call-to-action. In simple words, it tells the online user what to do or rather, what you want to them to do as soon as they visit your website. Why do you even have a website? To simply tell your customers about your company? To showcase your products and services? Or to provide a channel wherein your customers can make a purchase instantly? You have to tell them what to do, otherwise, they won’t do anything except leave your website. That’s where a good copywriter comes in.

3. You don’t offer anything new.

So you have a website. It’s nice and professional done. There’s a clear CTA. These are all nice things. But if you don’t have anything new to offer, people won’t visit it as much. Or perhaps existing customers will visit it but they will leave immediately because they’ve seen it all before. This is where a blog section comes in. You need to create new content every week so people have reasons to visit your website regularly.

Create a Powerful Website

A powerful website isn’t just about design and good copy. It’s also about content and engagement. Consider these facts if you’re wondering why people are not visiting your website as often as you’d like.