3 Most Important Wedding Details You Shouldn’t Forget

A bride with a wedding planner

Planning a wedding can be tough and stressful for couples. This is why you should hire an efficient wedding planner to help you. But of course, you shouldn’t forget that you’re in charge of making all the major decisions.

The abundance of Malay wedding venues in Singapore make the country one of the top city wedding destinations in Southeast Asia. Here’s how you can plan yours:

  1. Your Wedding Gown’s Back Details

You’re the centre of attention on your big day so make sure you look your best. More often than not, your guests will see most of your back during the wedding rites and there are going to be several wedding portraits of your gown’s backside. The same thing can be said about your hair when viewed from the back.

  1. The Colour of Your Tablecloths

The theme is important in a wedding and you should be aware that the table of your table cloth should match the overall wedding theme. Many caterers offer several options upfront, but if you have a specific colour in mind, make sure you communicate this ahead so you know if you’ll be charged extra for the specific tablecloth you want. It might seem like a small detail that couples shouldn’t fuss over, but you will fuss if you will be charged for something not included in your wedding budget.

  1. Pampering Time Before the Wedding

Preparing for the big day can take its toll on you. Even if you have a team of experts, the jitters and butterflies can mess with your head. Make sure you schedule a pampering time before the big day — but don’t go overboard. It’s not advisable to get a facial or body scrub on the night before your wedding. If you do want the full spa treatment, schedule it at least three days before to allow your skin to recover. Massages are advisable before the big day.

Weddings are wonderful and most of its success is dependent on the couple’s attention to details and how they are implemented. If you’re tying the knot soon, don’t forget to decide on the above-mentioned wedding details.